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ER Fans!!! [28 Apr 2011|04:14am]

For the fans!!!


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[04 Jun 2009|01:44pm]

doug/carol pic spam

4x07 ~ fathers and sons
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[01 Jun 2009|07:46pm]

Hey all. A few weeks ago, I started an ER series re-watch. It's been a blast so far, and I've just begun s4. Subsequently, Doug/Carol is kind of a big thing in my life at the moment. I've taken to pic spamming all of their great scenes, so this will certainly not be my last post here, ha. If you check it, I hope you enjoy! Also, I am 110% open to friending anyone who's interested. I have, like, a negative amount of ER flisters, and in light of my re-watch, I need people who appreciate the massive amounts of ER I've been spewing.

doug/carol pic spam

4x02 ~ something new
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Hi! I'm new! [13 Mar 2009|03:13pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi! Aloha! I'm Lauren! I'm new here! I've been an ER fan since Season 5, but I've watched almost every season since then. I have seasons 1-7 on DVD as well as season 9. My favorite characters are Jeanie, Lucy, Abby and various patients they've treated. I also like Doug/Carol a little as well.

My favorite episodes are: Dead of Winter, The Scott Anspaugh Series, Stuck on You, Hazed and Confused, Rites of Spring, Double Blind, Getting to Know You, Last Rites, Greene With Envy, Truth and Consequences,” "Power," "The Good Fight," "Responsible Parties," "The Test," "Age of Innocence," "The Book of Abby," "Believe the Unseen," "They Treat Horses Don't They?," "Damage is Done," "A Simple Twist of Fate," "Bygones," the storyline about Little Susie and “Status Quo.” I look forward to getting to know other ER fans here!
I hope to hear from everyone soon!

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Newsvine - Valentine's 14 Favourite TV Couples [12 Feb 2009|02:24am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I wrote an article for Newsvine regarding the top 14 favourite couples in honor of Valentine's Day and well, perhaps you'd all like to check it out?

Newsvine - Valentine's 14 Favourite TV Couples

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated by many people around the world and with it the word love appears throughout the day. In recent years, the word love has been thrown around a lot and thus, the meaning gets lost into so many different forms of the expression. However if what Felix Adler, a popular lecturer once said in regards to love that it, “is an expansion of two natures in such fashion that each include the other, each is enriched by the other”, then perhaps these TV couples are a true testament of that love.

Who from ER ranked amongst TV's favourite couples? Find out here.

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New ER LJ RPG [11 Jul 2008|11:32pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi! I just wanted to slip in a little advert for my new RPG group. So far we are wide open, just beginning play so the storyline could be taken anywhere. We're operating in a no-specific-season mode, so all characters from the series, dead, alive, or departed are welcome as well as OC's. All the information is in the group's user info. And if you have any questions, message me! :)





Thanks for looking! :D

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300th eppy party [02 Dec 2007|02:30am]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

lots of sex..and lots of fug..under hereCollapse )
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good. [10 Sep 2007|07:24pm]

i thought i'd stop and say hello, i just joined. if this is frowned apon, please delete it.

i first watched ER when I was younger. I always remembered and liked the episode where that girl died..and her friend was stabbed too. So when I visited my best friends house, we watched Be Still my Heart and All in the Family. Then...I sat until 7 in the morning and watched the rest of season 6.

Since then, I'm hooked.

I borrowed season 1 from a friend, half of season 4 on TNT, all of season 5 on TNT, I own season 6 (lol) and now I'm TiVoing season 7 at my moms house. I'm in college now, so I can't really watch what I want when I want. Sad.

My goal is to watch every episode, with all my other favorite shows I have (Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Degrassi:TNG)

Maybe I like the show so much because I myself spent some time in an ER, around Christmas. Or maybe because I would like to work in a hosiptal someday. Nevertheless, it's a wonderful show. And I'm hoping it will continue on as such.
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ER & Grey's Anatomy [27 Feb 2007|07:23pm]

I have to do a school project in which I have to compare two tv series. I've chosen for ER & Grey's Anatomy. I'm very obsessed with Grey's, but not that hard with ER. So, now I'm looking for similarities between this two shows, and I hoped you people could help me :$ So, I wanna ask you all, if you know things that might help me, to comment (A)
Thanks in advance ^^
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ER - Carter music [14 Jan 2007|10:56pm]

Hi all,
Do you remember the season where Carter got stabbed in the ER?  When that scene happened, there was a particular song that I liked.  I can't remember the name of the song and I was wondering if someone knew what it was.

I heard it recently and I remembered it from the scene as well.  (Weird how the mind does that).  But I thought it was good.  It's popular, or was back then, several seasons ago, when Kellie Martin was on.

Thanks for any help :)
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just letting everyone know... [01 Dec 2006|06:10pm]

Amazon has Season 1 for $9!
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Yipeee!!! [13 Oct 2006|09:54pm]

Check this out!

((Someone posted it on the ER board))

Read more...Collapse )
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Spoilers according to Ask Ausiello..WTF!? [11 Oct 2006|02:49pm]

[ mood | confused ]

...I was just wanting this question  answered..are they really serious!?
Spoilers are below. A pretty big one, actually..

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Shane West fansite [08 Oct 2006|02:57pm]

I want to start a fansite on Shane, but I don't want to do it alone. I can host it and I can do coding. I just need help with everything else. It doesn't just have to be one other person helping. It can be a group of people. I would just really like to do this.
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SPOILER WARNING!!!!! [03 Oct 2006|04:27pm]

For impatient ER addicts, under the cut is a link to spoilerfix.com with SEVERAL spoilers for the next few episodes.

just in case....Collapse )
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music theme [29 Sep 2006|09:02am]

[ mood | angry ]

I'm very very mad that they've changed the music theme which was one of my favorite tv theme ever. What the heck were they thinking? ER music is a staple!

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13x1 [21 Sep 2006|11:09pm]
What'd you think?
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ER Finally [14 Sep 2006|05:25pm]

I am very VERY excited for ER tonight. They are showing last seasons finale. I am making my husband stay up to see the end of it, because it was just that good.

Anyone else excited? New season next week!
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Promo during Emmys. [27 Aug 2006|09:18pm]

So..did anyone see the season 13 promo during the Emmy's tonight? It was (of course) not much, but it was something. If you have, comment so we can discuss it  :-)
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Fan Vid [26 Aug 2006|11:38am]


ER Fanvid: Abby/Dubenko

Streaming Video:

Hosted at Sharkle

I finally have Windows Movie Maker up and running again so I redid the Human Touch video from a year ago. Sort of a 'what if' scenario. It was fun to make, hope it's fun to watch.
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