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Spoilers according to Ask Ausiello..WTF!?

...I was just wanting this question  answered..are they really serious!?
Spoilers are below. A pretty big one, actually..
Question: Do you have any scoop on ER?— Wingzo727
Ausiello: It wouldn't be sweeps without a big-budget catastrophe on ER. Next month, Abby will find herself risking life and limb to pluck passengers from a bus that careened over an embankment. She'll also meet a cocky member of a medical transport unit (played by Vyto Ruginis), and sparks will fly. 

...did they get the characters name wrong, or something? My first reaction: WTF?!
What about Luka..and baby Joe....?!

And also..there are some other spoilers about Neela and Gates..and Ray. But I figured I would post this one first. You can find the spoilers on Ask Ausiello at
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