KATE (rawrdinosauurr) wrote in erfans,


i thought i'd stop and say hello, i just joined. if this is frowned apon, please delete it.

i first watched ER when I was younger. I always remembered and liked the episode where that girl died..and her friend was stabbed too. So when I visited my best friends house, we watched Be Still my Heart and All in the Family. Then...I sat until 7 in the morning and watched the rest of season 6.

Since then, I'm hooked.

I borrowed season 1 from a friend, half of season 4 on TNT, all of season 5 on TNT, I own season 6 (lol) and now I'm TiVoing season 7 at my moms house. I'm in college now, so I can't really watch what I want when I want. Sad.

My goal is to watch every episode, with all my other favorite shows I have (Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Degrassi:TNG)

Maybe I like the show so much because I myself spent some time in an ER, around Christmas. Or maybe because I would like to work in a hosiptal someday. Nevertheless, it's a wonderful show. And I'm hoping it will continue on as such.
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