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Hi! I'm new!

Hi! Aloha! I'm Lauren! I'm new here! I've been an ER fan since Season 5, but I've watched almost every season since then. I have seasons 1-7 on DVD as well as season 9. My favorite characters are Jeanie, Lucy, Abby and various patients they've treated. I also like Doug/Carol a little as well.

My favorite episodes are: Dead of Winter, The Scott Anspaugh Series, Stuck on You, Hazed and Confused, Rites of Spring, Double Blind, Getting to Know You, Last Rites, Greene With Envy, Truth and Consequences,” "Power," "The Good Fight," "Responsible Parties," "The Test," "Age of Innocence," "The Book of Abby," "Believe the Unseen," "They Treat Horses Don't They?," "Damage is Done," "A Simple Twist of Fate," "Bygones," the storyline about Little Susie and “Status Quo.” I look forward to getting to know other ER fans here!
I hope to hear from everyone soon!
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