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ERAholics Anonymous

Meetings Offered Daily on TNT and NBC

ERaholics Anonymous
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Are you a fan of ER?

Do you set aside 10 pm on Thursday and refuse to take any calls?

Then this is the place for you :) Please read this post for more information about the Community.

Main Rule
Please put spoilers behind <lj-cuts>, so that those who don't want to read them don't have to.

Please also use lj-cut for images so the community is easily readable for those on dial up.

Maintainers: skinglist and itcouldbelove
Overrides: rubyawake
Style: heathabear
UPIS: lovepollution and winterfairy

Other ER Comms:

If you know of any that should be added to either list, please leave a comment.

Questions/Problems, e-mail the moderator.
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